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Where can I get my own echoServer?

Release status:

  • For Windows: 1.41, released Jan 2006
  • For Linux: 1.42e, released May 2006

To download your own EchoServer for Windows, click right here.
It's a shareware app, but it works perfectly well right out of the box.
If the above site is down, you can also get it here or here.

For Linux users, click here to download EchoServer for Linux.
If that is site is down, try here. Similar to the Windows version,
it is also a shareware app so you can "try before you buy".

It its unregistered state, the number of simultaneous client
connections to an echoServer is capped at four, and any data
connections between those clients gets torn down after about
10 minutes. To lift these retrictions, activation codes may be
purchased here at our Kagi store.

Not every EchoVNC users needs to run their own echoServer, of
course. That would be like every telephone user needing to run
their own telephone operator. An echoServer needs to be run by only
one person per group of EchoVNC users. As it's a server, it's meant
for the more technically oriented of the group.

Please contact us if you are interested in the EchoVNC team hosting a
dedicated echoServer for you (e.g., "yourName.echo-service.com").

More details about how to setup and run an echoServer can be found here:

(Xref) I run an echoServer for a number of EchoVNC users; exactly what do I do?

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