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Welcome to the original EchoVNC Homepage!
Latest version: 2.221
Released on: 25 Sept 2007
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EchoVNC is a secure remote-desktop tool based on VNC. With it, a Windows PC
or OSX Mac can be remotely accessed regardless of firewall or router configuration.
Standard VNC becomes "firewall friendly" -- no more port-forwarding!

EchoVNC comes with a VNC Viewer, and is designed to work with any
flavor of VNC server that you already have installed. EchoVNC uses
OpenSSL components to secure your data connections with 128-bit AES
encryption. To establish EchoVNC connections, you can either run your own
packet relay server or use our free one at "demo.echovnc.com".

To download a copy of EchoVNC, click right here.

EchoVNC is free and (for now) Windows-only. The source-code is distributed
under the GPL license, and you can download it here. If you find it useful,
we hope you can afford a small donation.

Details of how EchoVNC works, how to get it setup and running,
and other FAQ's about it, are discussed in detail below. If you can't
find what you're looking for, please feel free to ask your question on
the EchoVNC mailing list.

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Details about EchoVNC have been organized into some broad categories:

(Category) How EchoVNC works

(Category) EchoVNC User Guide

(Category) EchoVNC Installation Guide

(Answer) Known Issues and Changelog

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