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Known Issues and Changelog

Known Issues

Here are the known issues with the latest release of EchoVNC (version 1.33):

1. Web Proxies

The echoWare DLL used by EchoVNC does not currently work with HTTP or
SOCKS proxies. We'll be adding the capability in the 1.6 release of the DLL.

2. AllowLoopback

If you have one of the older "version 3" flavors of VNC installed, you may need
to add the "AllowLoopback" setting to your VNC Server in order for EchoVNC
to work with it. EchoVNC's Startup Wizard will automatically make this
adjustment, but are two ways to enable this setting manually as well:

  • Manually add a registry entry "AllowLoopback" with DWORD value=1 to
    registry location HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\ORL\WinVNC3\
    as described here.
  • Use the Properties menu of your VNC Service, and enable loopback
    connections in the provided GUI. The example below is from TightVNC 1.3dev4.


1.33 -- Released: 11 June 05

Minor bugfix release. EchoVNC now correctly disconnects from an echoServer.
It used to leave a "hanging" connection, that consumed network resources.

1.32 -- Released: 7 June 05

Minor bugfix release. If an incorrect echoServer password is given, EchoVNC
will no longer repeatedly attempt to reconnect.

1.31 -- Released: 8 May 05

Minor bugfix release. The Startup Wizard no longer prompts to adjust the
AllowLoopback setting if it detects the setting is already correct.

1.3 -- Released: 4 May 05

Major feature release. New features include:

  • A startup wizard to assist with initial setup
  • An option to automatically start EchoVNC at startup
  • OpenSSL is automatically detected to enable the 128-bit AES
    encryption option
Bug Fixes:
  • Multiple echoServers are now treated correctly
  • Automatic re-connection with known echoServers has been repaired
  • The installer will now correctly update older installed versions

1.2 -- Released: 28 Apr 05

Minor bugfix release. Improved interface with version 1.52 of the echoWare DLL.

1.1 -- Released: 13 Apr 05

Major feature release. New features include:

  • echoserver FQDN's are now resolved anew each startup, to accomodate
    servers using dynamic-DNS
  • added the /min command line switch so that EchoVNC can be started
    in the service tray
Bug Fixes:
  • log files no longer written to the desktop, but to the install directory
  • HKCU keys are copied to HKLM on exit

1.0 -- Released: 22 Mar 05

Initial release. Thanks Sourceforge!

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