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I run an echoServer for a number of EchoVNC users; exactly what do I do?

Here are some step-by-step details to get you started with EchoVNC and
your echoServer. These instructions presume you're working with the Windows
version of the echoServer. The echoserver.conf file for the Linux version
should contain enough guidance to get you started. If it does not, please
email us.

Step one: download the installer and run it. See? Easy.

Step two: start the echoServer application. In the main tab, give
your echoServer a good name: this name will appear in the GUI of your
connected clients, so that they know they are connected to the right place.

Step three: click on the Groups tab, and "Add a New Group".
You can give this group any name you want; your clients will never see
it. The password you assign to this group, however, is very important:
this is how your clients will connect to you. When they connect, they
will be assigned into a Connection Group based on the password
they provide
-- two echoServer clients can connect to each other
as long as they are both in the same connection group.

Step four: Once you've created a Connection Group, tell or setup your
EchoVNC clients to connect to you with that Connection Group password.

Step five: click on the Users tab. This tab is totally optional: it is not
needed for EchoVNC users. By connecting to a User Account, you can
easily join 1 or more Connection Groups simultaneously. Usually a User
Account is only needed for an "Administrative User" who wants easy access
to all of the clients in many different groups.

Step six: click back on the main tab and select a port for your service
to run on. The echoServer runs on TCP-1328 by default, but you can set
this to whatever you want. When you're ready, click "Start Server". Your
echoServer will activate, and you're ready to be a packet relay for your clients.

(PS: these instructions work for Kaboodle users too).

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