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the "Main" tab

The "Main" tab is what you will see when you first start EchoVNC.
It has many important features described in detail below.

1. The Status region of this screen shows the version of EchoWare
that is installed, and whether EchoVNC has detected a VNC Server
running on your PC:


2. In the Settings region of this screen, you can activate 128-bit AES
of the VNC connection, and enable logging of EchoVNC
usage. To enable encrypted sessions, please see the FAQ on
(Xref) Exactly how do I activate the data encryption?
When "enable logging" is selected, a file named "echovnc.log" file
will be created in the EchoVNC install directory.

3. In the Profile Import/Export region of this screen, you can "export"
or "save" your current EchoVNC settings to an ASCII file. You can then
edit this file and send it to your connection partners. When your partners
"import" this file, it will load all of the settings into their EchoVNC
program. This is the easiest way to get your connection partners setup to
connect with you.

4. Finally, in the last region of the screen, there is a button which starts new
VNC connections
. When you click here, a small window will popup:


In this window, simply provide an identifier for your target VNC partner.
As shown, the partner is "Bob-Office-PC-#2", which is the "Partner ID"
your target partner chose for themselves when they connected to an
echoServer. You could also put an Internet address in this field, either an
FQDN (e.g., "bob-office-pc-2.noip.com") or an IP address (e.g.,
EchoVNC will remember your previous Partner-ID entries so you can easily
access them with the drop-down menu.

Once you've provided a Partner-ID, click Connect via echoServer
to make a "firewall friendly" EchoVNC connection. Alternatively, click
Connect Directly to activate a normal VNC Viewer session.

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